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serialmurderers's Journal

Serial Murderers
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1.) Absolutely, positively NO POSTING about ANY "murderabilia" or about your latest letter to your BFF Richard Ramirez. Keep it to yourself. It doesn't belong here.

2.) Don't post photos of crime scenes. If you're discussing a serial murderer, and you feel it's absolutely necessary, you may link to the photos. Be sure to place a large-lettered warning in the beginning of the post and to friends lock it.

3.) Only post about serial murderers here. No mass murderers, please. Spree killers are alright, sparingly, but, please- keep the focus on serial murderers. That means usually a 3+ victim count. If there's a person with 2 victims, but they show a clear pattern and signs that they would have continued (for example, Sheila LaBarre), that's fine- you may post about them.

4.) Don't come here proclaiming your love for this or that killer. Any idolising of any of these men or women will get you automatic bannage. And I don't wanna do that.

5.) Above and most importantly- PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL.

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